Was the Bible given to us by the fourth-century church?

The emporer Constantine never created the Bible, since parts of it existed at least 1500 years earlier, and even the New Testament books can be shown to exist and be accepted as reliable during the second century. Neither did Constantine choose which books were to be included, since there was a long-standing tradition about the use of most of them. At the most, you might give him credit for including the seven NT books that were still questioned, and for eliminating three or four other books that might have been included.

Constantine could not have modified the books, either, as they were already widely available in different versions, spread throughout the ancient world. Least of all could he have made any changes to the Jewish scriptures, as these were maintained by Jewish scribes and beyond his control. In addition there were the Septuagint and the Samaratin Pentateuch to compare with. What he would not even have known about, is that the Dead Sea Scrolls would someday surface to be another witness for the reliability of the original text.